What is HMUN?

Harvard Model United Nations is a four-day international relations simulation for high school students held annually in downtown Boston. At HMUN, delegates gain insight into the workings of the United Nations and the dynamics of international relations by assuming the roles of UN representatives and members of other international bodies and national cabinets. HMUN is an exciting opportunity for students to debate issues that confront world leaders and to draft resolutions in response to these global issues. Participants will develop their abilities to work with others who are equally motivated and passionate about the topics of debate and to respond to global concerns.

HMUN 2015 builds upon decades of experience. In 1927, Harvard held its first annual Model League of Nations, followed by the first Model United Nations conference in

1953. This longevity and the dynamic that only a conference of our size can provide make HMUN the preeminent simulation of its kind in the world.

True to the spirit of the United Nations, founded in 1945, HMUN strives to foster a constructive forum for open dialogue on complex global issues, including international peace and security and economic and social progress. HMUN stresses the in-depth examination and resolution of pressing issues, emphasizing process over product. During the conference, students learn the importance of balancing national interests with the needs of the international community, while also learning about the powers and limitations of international negotiation. Delegates will preserve their countries’ national policy while negotiating in the face of other, sometimes conflicting, international policies.


Substantive Excellence

The staff of HMUN is carefully selected to include the most passionate and dedicated directors. Each of the study guides is carefully crafted for its respective committee and reflects careful and thorough research. All of our directors are extremely knowledgeable, dedicated, and committed to HMUN’s ideals, resulting in well-run and focused committees. Many delegates leave our conference with a new-found passion for international relations and greater awareness of the issues that dominate our world.

Tradition and Innovation

Begun over 75 years ago with a simulation of the League of Nations, our conference is the product of years of gradual refinement. While our conference has expanded considerably including to nations abroad, we are fully committed to bringing the prestigious and superb experience you have come to know and expect at HMUN to our conference next year. At the same time, HMUN is an organization dedicated to exploring new and exciting opportunities for all conference delegates and Faculty Advisors. HMUN 2015 will feature innovative committee simulations, cutting-edge technology, and, of course, great entertainment for delegates outside of committee.

Size and Diversity

At HMUN 2015, you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with more than 3,000 high school students from more than 200 high schools around the world. HMUN provides a host of substantive issues for this dynamic group of students and creates a forum for debate and negotiation among them – a truly worthwhile experience. Our conference is designed to foster negotiation and public speaking skills, introduce students to a range of global challenges, and provide culturally diverse perspectives on a variety of issues. Our strong emphasis on representation at our conference from schools across the globe ensures the HMUN experience is a truly international one.

What are people saying about HMUN?

“The staff was gracious and responsive. The GA’s and crisis sessions were run well. Bravo.” - The Bromfield School on HMUN 2014

"Thank you for all you do. It's greatly appreciated. The delegates worked very hard and felt rewarded for their work in the committees."- African Leadership Academy, South Africa on HMUN 2014

"It was great to have come across Ethan and his efficient team mates who haven't left any stones unturned in making the HMUN 2013 a great success. Your 360 degree feedback sessions with the faculty advisors held on a daily basis were brilliant in resolving issues then and there." - Chittagong Grammar School, Bangaldesh on HMUN 2013

The Secretariat of HMUN 2015

Ruth D. Kagan
Robert C. Kivell
Louisa W. Carman
Secil Altintas
Kristie Han
Dennis Lee
Innovation & Technology
Robert J. Ledniczky
General Assembly
Samantha D. Luce
Gregory C. Dunn
Specialized Agencies

Ruth D. Kagan — Secretary-General

Ruth D. Kagan is a senior at Harvard studying Molecular and Cellular Biology. Originally from the suburbs of New York City, she first fell in love with Model UN during her freshman year of high school. Twenty-two conferences and six years of HMUN later, Ruth’s love for Model UN has only grown.

Outside of Model UN, Ruth is also active in the Board of Directors of the Harvard International Relations Council, as well as in some of its other programs. She is involved in research, focusing on the cellular organization of the visual system. When she is not in the HMUN Office or laboratory, Ruth enjoys traveling, long walks in search of hot beverages, and reading whatever is in sight. Ruth also has a soft spot for nice typography.

Ruth is honored to be serving as Secretary-General of the sixty-second session, which will be her seventh HMUN conference, and she is thrilled for the year ahead!

Email Ruth at: sg@harvardmun.org.

Robert C. Kivell — Director-General

Robert C. Kivell is a senior studying Economics, with a secondary field in Statistics. He was born and raised in the suburbs of New York City, and now finds Kirkland House on Harvard’s campus to be his second home.

HMUN 2015 will be Robert’s sixth HMUN conference, having attended the conference twice as a delegate. Outside of Model UN, Robert is a member of the Harvard Sports Analysis Collective, Phillips Brooks House Association, and Harvard Financial Analysts Club. In his free time, Robert likes to play basketball, golf, and listen to music.

Robert is greatly looking forward to welcoming you to Harvard Model United Nations 2015, and he plans to work with the rest of the Secretariat and the HMUN staff to make the conference experience an unforgettable one.!

Email Rob at: dg@harvardmun.org.

Louisa W. Carman — Under-Secretary-General for Administration

Louisa W. Carman is a junior at Harvard studying Government with a secondary field in Global Health and Health Policy and a language citation in Spanish. She is originally from the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts, and she loves going home to the trees and her dogs during breaks. After serving on the staff of HMUN 2013, she became hooked and has been involved with the International Relations Council ever since!

When she is not in the HMUN office, Louisa serves as the events director for the Harvard College Democrats and as a peer eating concerns counselor. In her spare time she enjoys drinking tea, reading the newspaper, and traveling to just about anywhere.

Email Louisa at: admin@harvardmun.org.

Email the Administration staff at: info@harvardmun.org.

Secil Altintas — Under-Secretary-General for Business

Secil Altintas is a junior studying Economics, with a secondary field in Psychology. She was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, and calls Leverett House on Harvard’s campus her second home.

Outside of the Harvard International Relations Council, Secil is involved with Harvard Undergraduate Council and Leverett House Committee. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, eating good food and traveling to exotic places. She looks forward to another great conference this year!

Email Secil at: business@harvardmun.org.

Kristie Han — Comptroller

Kristie Soo Yeon Han is a senior studying Economics with a secondary in Psychology. Kristie was born in Seoul, South Korea, but moved to Mexico City when she was one year old. After spending her childhood in Mexico, she moved to sunny San Diego, where she continued her studies until college.

Beyond the Harvard International Relations Council, Kristie is also involved in psychology research. She is especially interested in Developmental Economics and Social Psychology. Kristie enjoys traveling and learning about cultures unique to each country, and her goal is to learn seven languages before she is seventy years old.

Kristie is excited to welcome you to Harvard Model United Nations 2015, and she is certain that it will be an unforgettable experience!

Email Kristie at: comptroller@harvardmun.org.

Dennis Lee — Under-Secretary-General for Innovation & Technology

Dennis Lee is a junior at Harvard studying astrophysics and physics. Born and raised in San Francisco, California, he has been involved in Model UN since his freshman year in college. His interest in international relations and global affairs led him to be an active member of the Harvard International Relations Council. In addition to HMUN, he also writes for the Harvard International Review and staffs the college conference.

Dennis’s time is divided between HMUN and studying the cosmos. In what free time he happens to have, he enjoys photography, consuming unhealthy amounts of Coca-Cola, and going on unnecessarily long adventures in pursuit of foodstuff.

Email Dennis at: innotech@harvardmun.org.

Robert J. Ledniczky — Under-Secretary-General for the General Assembly

Robert J. Ledniczky is a junior at Harvard concentrating in History, specifically the global interplay of empires, with a secondary field in Economics. He is known to use his study of history as a lens for the discussion of modern day international relations.

Robert was born in London and raised just outside, but now calls Currier House his second home. Apart from his involvement with the International Relations Council at Harvard, Robert is also a member of the men’s Varsity Heavyweight Crew Team, and co-President of the Harvard College British Club. He is truly thrilled to create and shape the General Assembly at next year’s conference.

Email Robert at: ga@harvardmun.org.

Samantha D. Luce — Under-Secretary-General for the Economic and Social Council & Regional Bodies

Samantha D. Luce is a junior at Harvard College, and she is pursuing a joint concentration in Social Studies and African studies. Her particular academic interests lie in understanding how cities and labor are changing in the twenty-first century.

Growing up in Port Charlotte, Florida, Samantha participated in Model United Nations all throughout high school, attending HMUN as a delegate her senior year of high school. She originally joined MUN to overcome a fear of public speaking, and MUN has since become the entry point for her interest in and passion for international relations, research, and public policy. In addition to HMUN, she is involved in the Social Impact Board for Harvard’s International Relations Council.

Outside of studying and Model UN, Samantha enjoys long talks over coffee, thrift shopping, daydreaming about traveling the world, and reading and writing poetry.

Email Samantha at: ecosoc@harvardmun.org.

Gregory C. Dunn — Under-Secretary-General for the Specialized Agencies

Gregory C. Dunn is a junior at Harvard College concentrating in Government. He is originally from Palo Alto, California, in California’s Silicon Valley. While his primary interest is the study of international relations, he is also interested in technology and the history of East Asia.

Apart from HMUN, Greg is the co-president of Harvard’s program International Relations on Campus, a group that works to increase opportunities for Harvard students to engage with world affairs. He is a writer and former Head of Writing for the Harvard International Review, and he has directed crisis elements for HMUN’s sister conference, Harvard National Model United Nations. He is also an active member and former deputy director of Harvard’s competitive Model United Nations team. Gregory looks forward to leading an organ of exciting and diverse committees at HMUN 2015!

Email Greg at: sa@harvardmun.org.