Argentinian Senate, 2015


Topic Summary

Topic: Trial of Cristina Kirchner

The Argentine Senate will be set in between February and October of 2015. During that time period, the committee will preoccupy itself with whether or not President Kirchner was guilty in ordering the killing of federal prosecutor of Alberto Nisman. The day before his death, Mr. Nisman had prepared an indictment of Ms. Kirchner for conspiring with the Iranian government to cover up details of a bombing against a Jewish community center in the mid 1990s.

Director’s Letter

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to the Argentinian Senate, 2015! My name is Kevin Simauchi, and I can’t wait to meet and work with you all as the Committee’s 2020 HMUN director.

I am a student currently concentrating in Government and Economics originally from Miami, Florida. At Harvard, I am currently involved with the Institute of politics as a liaison for our semester fellow, a proud member of the Harvard organization for Latin America and also our Intercollegiate Model United Nations team. I consider myself a huge political junkie who loves to watch way too much Netflix in his spare time.

I think that despite the name, HMUN prides itself in making sure students have an amazing time developing their public speaking skills. It is a great conference, despite previous Model UN experience, for students to really learn more about International relations and important topics of Government. Don't be afraid to get creative and stand out from the rest of the crowd, own your individuality and abilities. If you stumble, it's okay to dust off a bit and recover yourself.


Kevin Simauchi

Director, Argentinian Senate, 2015

Harvard Model United Nations 2020