Conference Theme


Diplomacy in the Age of Globalization

Democracy in the age of Globalization.png

For the past 66 years, HMUN has brought together some of the most impressive young leaders from around the world to debate how to address the most pressing issues of the day. Many strides have been made since our conference started, but there is still much to do, and new challenges have arisen that this generation will have to face.

Students who attend HMUN have always debated issues pertinent to past, present, and future crises on a global scale. Each year they have demonstrated an unparalleled capacity to collaborate and negotiate with fellow delegates on some of the most divisive issues. The skills delegates will learn at HMUN - effective negotiating, public speaking, critical thinking, and teamwork - are intended to inform their understanding of how to tactically approach small- and large-scale issues both as students and future leaders. The topics we address in committees are intended to prepare them for the challenges the world is facing and will face in the coming decades. Perhaps the greatest educational opportunity at HMUN lies in the lessons the delegates learn from each other; coming from radically different backgrounds, from all around the world.

We want delegates to take away from their experience at HMUN a belief that by working together they can foster change in a world that is becoming increasingly intertwined. That’s why our conference theme this year is ‘Diplomacy in the Age of Globalization’. This theme will permeate through all aspects of conference. From the guest speakers we bring in to talk to delegates in committee, to the committee topics themselves, a great emphasis will be placed on promoting common ground among our delegates and a worldview that considers the delicate balance between the local and the global.