Global Summit on Climate Change 2050


Topic Summary

Topic: Economic and Social Challenges Caused by Climate Change

The year is 2050. Crops fail with alarming regularity, resource wars threaten global stability, and mega-storms have become more and more prevalent. The Global Summit on Climate Change is a meeting of the leaders of the G25- the G20 countries, plus the newly admitted Pakistan, Iran, Vietnam, Nigeria, and Egypt- to discuss the ever more threatening climate situation.

The committee will need to consider both amelioration of current crises and prevention of future ones, considering how to supply energy to the populace, wether to impose lifestyle changes and limitations, and other policies that simultaneously promote the global economy and deal with looming disaster.

Director’s Letter

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to the Global Summit on Climate Change 2050! My name is Hannah Ellery, and I can’t wait to meet and work with you all as the Committee’s 2020 HMUN director.

I’m a sophomore in the class of 2021. I'm an Applied Math major with a focus on economics, but I also love computer science and study Mandarin. When not doing one of my many problem sets, you can hopefully find me working on another short story, out for a run, or enjoying the perfect pairing of tea, knitting, and my youtube playlist. I'm always happy to talk about politics, philosophy, fantasy and sci-fi, the environment, or really anything that sparks your interest! I aim to be full of knowledge, some useless, some not.

I'm very much looking forward to HMUN 2020; I hope to help make this a great conference for everyone involved! Ever since I was a MUN delegate for the first time in my sophomore year of high school, I've wanted to sit behind the dais. I also love working with high schoolers, and this is a great opportunity to enjoy the perks of both! Plus, MUN is fun, always. If you've never spoken, try to stand up and speak once in your next session. If you spoke in the last session, try to speak twice in this one. Try to make your speeches substantive, if you can; share encouragement for a specific idea, suggest a different path, or promote an idea of your own. And most importantly- have fun and make friends!


Hannah Ellery

Director, Global Summit on Climate Change 2050

Harvard Model United Nations 2020