Press Corps


Topic Summary

Topic: Regional Economic and Social Development in the Age of Climate Change

The press has the key privilege and responsibility of keeping the public informed and keeping those in power accountable. During Harvard Model United Nations 2020, delegates in the Press Corps will play an important role in covering developing and breaking news events during conference. Before conference commences, delegates are expected to familiarize themselves with the historical, background, and HMUN-specific information in the Press Corps Background Guide. Ahead of conference, delegates must research, understand, and adopt the writing style, perspective, and any ideological bias that their assigned international news organization may have.

During conference, journalists will be responsible for two to three committees as their main responsibilities and will have the opportunity to interview delegates; write news articles, long-form stories, and opinion pieces; accept and publish press releases from other delegates; and leverage social media as an important news and communications tool.

Director’s Letter

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to the Press Corps! My name is Haig Cholakian, and I can’t wait to meet and work with you all as the Committee’s 2020 HMUN director.

He is a sophomore living in Adams house studying Applied Math in the Study of the Past with a secondary in History. His academic interests include food systems and food distribution history. Because he is originally from Dubai, he is still getting used to the concept of winter and a very noticeable lack of good shawarma in the Greater Boston area.

HMUN 2020 marks his sixth year participating in model United Nations and he can’t wait to make this conference an incredible experience for all delegates! Outside of MUN, he serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the Harvard International Review and as a Dorm Crew Captain. The best part of HMUN is the people. Make sure to have enthusiasm as this will help you overcome any fears or doubts you may have during the conference itself.


Haig Cholakian

Director, Press Corps

Harvard Model United Nations 2020