Please locate our possible country assignments being offered at HMUN 2020 here.

Assignments for the Specialized Agencies will be uploaded shortly.

Due to the large number of schools interested in HMUN, we will assign no more than two General Assembly delegations or one General Assembly and one Economic and Social Council delegation to any single school. Schools that apply for two Economic and Social Council delegations may be assigned one General Assembly delegation instead. Please note that a delegation in the General Assembly may also include seats on the Security Council and Historical Security Council. Positions on the Regional Bodies committees are also assigned as part of the General Assembly country delegations, although the Regional Bodies committees are part of the Economic and Social Council & Regional Bodies organ.

Country assignments are determined by a variety of factors, including model United Nations experience, number of delegates requested, and country preferences. If you are not assigned one of the countries you requested, it may be to ensure that you receive the number of spots requested.

Application Information

HMUN is committed to serve the future leaders of the world. We are looking for student leaders who are ready to tackle some of the world's most plaguing issues and bring about innovative solutions to the conference. Our students come from a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences, and interests. We welcome and encourage all students to apply for this educational experience.

Applications for HMUN 2020 opened on May 17th, 2019. Click here to apply through our online database.

Please note that due to the competitive nature of HMUN applications, acceptance to the conference is not guaranteed. We strongly discourage schools from making travel arrangements prior to receiving a confirmation of their acceptance and country assignment.

Application Eligibility

In order to be eligible to apply for HMUN 2020, applicants must be 13 years of age or older and enrolled in, or recently graduated from, a high school during the period of January 24 to January 27, 2019. College students are not eligible to apply for HMUN 2020.

We understand that some high schools may culminate before the dates of the conference. You are eligible to apply to HMUN 2019 as long as you will not be matriculated in a college during the period of January 30th to February 2nd, 2020. 

HMUN 2020 is open to students who are:

  • Of any nationality or citizenship

  • Of any gender, race, or ethnicity

  • At least 13 years old

  • Currently enrolled in high school or recent graduates of high school

  • Will not be matriculated in a college during the period of January 30th to February 2nd, 2020. 

Once accepted, students must be accompanied by a faculty advisor. Teachers, university students, parents, administrators, and other adults 18 years of age or older are eligible to serve as faculty advisors. Any individual who is eligible to participate at HMUN as a delegate is ineligible to serve as a faculty advisor.

Application Deadlines

Priority Registration Deadline I: June 15th, 2019

Priority Registration Deadline II: August 30th, 2019

Regular Registration Deadline: October 4th, 2019