Country and Committee Matrix

Please locate our possible country assignments being offered at HMUN 2020 here.

Each committee has a number next to it which represents whether it is a single delegate committee “(1)” or a double delegate committee “(2)”. Double delegate committees will have two delegates from the same delegation (school) assigned to it and they will work as partners. There are no “flex committees” at HMUN this year which were committees that schools could choose to make double or single delegate depending on their preferences.

At the end of each row is the total number of delegate positions that each country will be assigned. Because there are no flex committees, there are no “minimums” or “maximums” for the number of students that can be assigned to each country.

Due to the large number of schools interested in HMUN, we will assign no more than two General Assembly delegations or one General Assembly and one Economic and Social Council delegation to any single school. Schools that apply for two Economic and Social Council delegations may be assigned one General Assembly delegation instead. Please note that a delegation in the General Assembly may also include seats on the Security Council and Historical Security Council. Positions on the Regional Bodies committees are also assigned as part of the General Assembly country delegations, although the Regional Bodies committees are part of the Economic and Social Council & Regional Bodies organ.

Country assignments are determined by a variety of factors, including model United Nations experience, number of delegates requested, and country preferences. If you are not assigned one of the countries you requested, it may be to ensure that you receive the number of spots requested.