Specialized Agencies

The Specialized Agencies offer the most intimate and crisis-oriented committees with 20 to 40 delegates each, promising thrilling simulations, refreshing diversity, and tight-knit environments. Composed of a small number of delegates, usually in a round-table setting, they emulate the fast-paced and unpredictable challenges that face our global leaders, allowing delegates to work closely with a group of passionate peers to tackle these issues.

These committees are intended for experienced delegates who seek to confront the highest levels of international debate, cooperation, and high-stakes decision-making. If you are interested in Specialized Agency positions, please note so in your MUNBase application.


United Nations Security Council

Director: Alex Leonardi

Crisis Director: Katherine Lempres

Topic A: The Situation in Eastern Ukraine

Topic B: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Contact: unsc@harvardmun.org


Status of Women.jpg

Historical Security Council, 1996

Director: Prasidh Chhabria

Crisis Director: Yash Kumbhat

Topic A: Nepal Maoist Insurgency

Topic B: First Congo War

Contact: hsc@harvardmun.org



Pirate Confederation of Ching Shih

Director: Joy Wang

Crisis Director: Michael A. Bruce

Topic: Expansion of the Fleets

Contact: chingshih@harvardmun.org



Imperial Divan of Sultan Mehmed II

Director: Ratip Emin Berker

Crisis Director: Anirudh Suresh

Topic: Expansion of the Ottoman Empire

Contact: ottoman@harvardmun.org


Treaty .jpg

Treaty of Versailles

Director: Rebeca Serson

Crisis Director: Justin Tseng

Topic: The Aftermath of World War I

Contact: versailles@harvardmun.org



Women’s War 1929

Director: Timary Sessions

Crisis Director: Sienna R. Williams 

Topic: Revolt in British Nigeria

Contact: ww@harvardmun.org



Global Summit on Climate Change 2050

Director: Hannah Ellery

Crisis Director: Grace Bannister 

Topic: Economic and Social Challenges Caused by Climate Change

Contact: climate@harvardmun.org


Global Tech Summit.png

Global Technology Summit

Director: Yashvardhan M. Bardoloi

Crisis Director: Youmna M. Chamnieh 

Topic: Establishing an International Regulatory Framework

Contact: techsummit@harvardmun.org



Argentinian Senate, 2015

Director: Kevin Simauchi

Crisis Director: Sofia Corzo

Topic: Trial of Cristina Kirchner

Contact: senate@harvardmun.org



Inner Circle of Russian Federation, 1992

Director: Paul Apostolicas

Crisis Director: Davis Tyler-Dudley

Topic: Economic Crisis

Contact: yeltsin@harvardmun.org



Press Corps

Director: Haig Cholakian

Topic: Regional Economic and Social Development in the Age of Climate Change

Contact: presscorps@harvardmun.org