Commission on the Status on Women


Topic Summary

Topic: The Economic Empowerment of Rural Women

Women in living in rural areas are the main catalysts for achieving the economic, environmental and social changes necessary for sustainable development. However, most of these women have limited or no access at all to proper health care, education and credit, leaving them in very low standards of living. In extreme cases, some of these women have been forced to remain in abusive relationships owing lack of independence from their partners who are the breadwinners of the house. Empowering these women is not only crucial for their own well being but also the overall well being of their families, rural communities and the economic productivity at large.

One of the ways to achieving this goal is through ensuring access to finance. The Commission on the Status of Women will therefore not only come up with ways to increase the accessibility of finance to these women but also think of ways to which these women can utilize these finances to ensure their sustainable development and stable incomes. This includes projects that governments, NGO’s and developed countries could implement to make a strong contribution to this inclusive economic growth. It is also important to comprehend how these projects or finances will lead to rural women empowerment and the benefits to their societies at large.

Director’s Letter

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to the Commission on the Status of Women! My name is Evelyn Manyatta, and I am thrilled to be serving as your director for HMUN 2020. I am a Sophomore at Harvard College concentrating in Economics with a secondary field in Environmental science and public policy.


I grew up in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. In high school, I was actively involved in the East Africa Model United Nations and attended the annual EAMUN conferences in the UN offices in Nairobi, Kenya as a special summit delegate. In my senior year of high school, I served as the chair of the EAMUN committee in my high school making me even more passionate about Model UN. My freshman year, I assistant directed the Commission on the Status of Women at HNMUN. I also serve as the business director for the Harvard Model Security Council (MSC) which is a one-day MUN simulation designed especially for the freshman class and the largest recruiting event for the International Relations Council. One thing that really draws me to Model United Nations is the power to make students brainstorm solutions to global problems they have always been so passionate about, or never thought of. I believe this is one of the best ways to mold passionate, thoughtful, innovative and creative future leaders. The best part is the creation of friendships and collaborative skills among the students in the midst of all this. In addition to Model United Nations, I am actively involved in theatre, work as an associate for the Harvard Crimson Business board, and also serve as the secretary for the Harvard African Students Association.

I am especially thrilled to be working with you in this Commission on the Status of women. I am excited to learn of your numerous ideas on how to empower women in rural areas, as a way to make them self sustained and improve their living standards. I encourage you to brainstorm innovative ways to which various entities, such as developed countries, NGO’s, and the governments of these specific countries, can do to accomplish this goal. I hope you will gain an increased passion for women empowerment in the process and in the end be proud of the solutions you would have created to achieve this goal.

Looking forward to meeting you all and hear your amazing ideas. In the meantime, I will be present as a resource if you have any questions or concerns so feel free to reach out. Hopefully, this will be a great and thrilling experience for you as it will for me!


Evelyn Manyatta

Director, Commission on the Status of Women

Harvard Model United Nations 2020